LACMA Museum 5Long time, no blog! I’m in LA at the moment visiting friends, soaking up some sun and doing museum runs. I’ve only been to the states once before and that was on the east coast so I didn’t really know what to expect from California. So far I’ve been massively impressed, especially by the architecture of LA! Everything looks so dreamy; soft angled corners, pastel colours, glass and cement blend together with the blue skies and palm trees. The effect is hypnotizing and makes you never want to leave!

I’ve also never Uber’ed this much in my life, haha. Distances are greater than they seem on the map and you need a car to get you anywhere. Coming from a country where much of our decision making is based on what benefits the greater good, it’s both refreshing and tiring seeing how everything here is based on what is convenient and what meets individual needs (such as everyone driving everywhere).

My favourite spot so far has been the LACMA museum (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). I’ve followed them on Snapchat for a while now, they have a really funny account that mixes their art and installations with modern memes (lacma_museum). Both the exterior and interior architecture is truly amazing, and I spent ages outside the pavilion for Japanese art just soaking it in. It deserves a spot in my top five buildings!

LACMA Museum 7LACMA Museum 8LACMA Museum 2LACMA Museum 6LACMA Museum 1LACMA Museum 4LACMA Museum 3


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